LT 6200 Series- Thermal Inkjet System

LT 6200 Series - Thermal Inkjet System

LT 6200 Series- Thermal Inkjet System

Light and compact, excellent function, good printing effect, high resolution, to provide you with an unexpected printing experience.

  • Removable battery
  • Lasting standby mode
  • Uses original HP ink for optimum performance
  • Directly modify printing content and device settings without using a computer

Smart design

  • Ergonomic design,reasonable equipment center of gravity, suitable for long operation.
  • Engineering plastic shell, body more light.

User- Friendly

  • Linux operating system installed.
  • Touch screen interface that is easy to operate.

Powerful Features

  • Edit and change printing content directly to save time and increase production.
  • Unique pulley design, can be flexibly printed on different shapes of the surface.

Close to the perfect ink

  • Ink cartridges and ink full of closed. easy to replace the cartridge.
  • No volatile solvents, environmentally friendly ink.
  • A variety of ink types, to adapt to the need for material needs of the jet printing.

Unique nozzle

  • Multi-protection nozzle, easy to scratch injury.
  • Anti-blocking design, not easy to plug. reduce the number of extrusion ink.

Printing Performance

  • 1-4 lines
  • Max. resolution of 600X600dpi

Character Height

  • 1-12.7mm, depending on the font

Nozzle orifice

  • Thermal inkjet 2.5

Printing Distance

  • 2-5mm
  • Best:2.5mm

Inkjet character

  • English, numbers, symbols, QR code, barcode, pictures, dates, counter and variable

Ink colors

  • Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green
  • invisible
  • HP original imported inkjet engine

Extra memory

  • USB/wi-fi/RS232/Bluetooth 4.0

Printing direction

  • 360° all-round printing

Temperature/ Humidity range

  • -10°-- +45°C; 10%-85%RH


  • AC90-240V/0-60Hz

Net weight

  • 700g (excluding ink cartridge)


  • 160X220X70.5mm/ 6.3*8.6*2.7 inch