LT 9200 Smart Handheld Printing Platform

LT 9200 Smart Handheld Printing Platform

Based on ergonomic design, portable printing, portable, portable and easy-to-use hand-held printing equipment. Applicable to the production speed is not high or heavy objects logo production enterprises.

Light and compact, excellent function, good printing effect, high degree of difficulty to provide you with an unexpected printing experience.

  • Removable battery.
  • Lasting standby mode.
  • Uses original HP ink for optimum performance.
  • Directly modify printing content and device settings without using a computer.

Functional Design

  • Designed for heavy usage and long operation.
  • Uses an engineered plastic body parts for a more comfortable user-experience.

User- Friendly

  • Linux operating system installed.
  • Touch screen interface that is easy to operate.

Powerful Features

  • Edit and alter printing content directly to save time and increase production.
  • Incorporates a unique pulley design that can flexibly print on any kind of surface and direction.

Close to the perfect ink

  • Ink cartridges and ink full of closed. easy to replace the cartridge.
  • No volatile solvents, environmentally friendly ink.
  • A variety of ink types, to adapt to the need for material needs of the jet printing.

Unique nozzle

  • Multi-protection nozzle, easy to scratch injury.
  • Anti-blocking design, not easy to plug. reduce the number of extrusion ink.

Printing Performance

  • 1-4 lines
  • Max. resolution of 600X600dpi
  • 76m/min@300dpi


  • 5inch 720P HD capacitive touch screen

Character Height

  • 1-12.7mm, depending on the font

Nozzle orifice

  • Thermal inkjet 2.5

Printing Distance

  • 2-5mm
  • Best:2.5mm

Inkjet character

  • English, numbers, symbols, QR code, barcode, pictures, dates, counter and variable.

Ink colors

  • Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible
  • HP original imported inkjet engine

Extra memory

  • USB/wi-fi/RS232/Bluetooth 4.0

Printing direction

  • 360° all-round printing

Temperature/ Humidity range

  • -10°-- +45°C; 10°A-85%RH


  • AC90-240V/0-60Hz

Net weight

  • 700g (excluding ink cartridge)


  • 160X220X 70.5mm/ 6.3*8.6*2.7 inch