LT 8000 Series - Laser Marking System

LT 8000 Series - Laser Marking System

The laser offers a powerful combination of performance, flexibility and simplicity, delivering high quality marks and satisfying a range of substrates.

Fiber type: LT8020F/LT8030F/LT8050F

  • Output Power : 20W/30W/50W
  • Laser wave length : 1064nm

CO, type: LT8015C/LT8030C

It is applicable in food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and extrusion industry and suitale for paperboard, glass, painter metal, paper labels, PET and other plastic materials.

  • Output Power : 15W/30W
  • Laser wave length : 10.6pm/10.2pm/9.6pm

High-speed marking

  • Double systems allows the information to be processed quickly
  • Unique design of red-light location system,which can adjust direction quickly
  • The speed of 2 dimensional high-precision lens can reach 8000mm/s

Easy to use

  • Modular design, easy to understand
  • 10.4 inch touch screen, easy to operate
  • Ingenious design, applicable in a small area

All-new design

  • Dust tight in all directions, which ensures production schedule
  • Air/Water cooling system, ensuring its operation is stable and safe
  • 180° all-round printing, meeting the demand from different angles

Work Environment

  • External Temperature : 0°C-45°C (relative humidity)
  • Working Temperature : 0-60°C
  • Environment Humidity : 45%-75%
  • Atmospheric Pressure : <2000 m height
  • Power demand : 200V 5A/50Hz
LT 8000 Series - Laser Marking System

Series Parameter

LT 8000 Series - Laser Marking System